Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3D Print Show 2013

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3D Print Show 2013, un album sur Flickr.

3D Printing Show - PARIS

          Yes it's a bit too late.. But I don't care, I want to share with you my experience!

Give a look here: http://3dprintshow.com/paris2013/

          So, I went to the 3D Printing Show the 15th and 16th of November and it was really, really cool!
I met a lot of professionals and non-professionals, 3D print lovers, curious and artists..

          This show was the place to be in the 3D printing world, every companies in this field was here like MakerBot, Ultimaker, Startasys, Autodesk, etc. Smaller companies were here too, like Printrbot or PrintaBit as well as FabLabs representative (Marseille and Paris). Fortunately, Reprap movement was represented! It would be better if it wasn't in a corner, in the darkest depths of the show room... The Foldarap was shown by his creator, a quite cool printer!

The Foldarap at the 3D Printing Show - Paris
          MakerBot was here to promote their products on a huge stand, focusing people attention on their printers and scanners:


              Umtimaker was doing the same thing with his new printer.. but modestly:


          3Dream factory was here too, to present their Delta Tower: awesome

Check it here: http://deltatower.ch/en

          Then, a lot of companies offering FDM printers with a well designed case but with a standard Reprap hardware in it... It was quite hard to hear "Mmh what is Reprap movement?" by representatives of these companies... Anyway, these printers were quite good looking:

          I can't list all of the participants, it will be too long! Let's talk about the other room of the show. It was really much more artistic than the first room which was more technical. In the second room, there was an exhibition of 3D printed artistic objects. There were 3D printed parts of costumes used in some movies (like Iron Man) too!


3D Art (Awesome printing precision with SLS):

          Finally, for VIP only, a fashion show and a concert was offer, and it was great! Deep sounds with psychedelic 3D printed clothes were a good mix.

As usual, I made a Dropbox folder and a Flickr album to share my pics, I hope you will enjoy!

-> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/m885gpfd4xxy5yo/lFM7SN5mMS


Monday, August 19, 2013

Let's grow up the community!

Reprap community across the world

- Version française en fin d'article -

          Powered by some active members on the RepRap Forum (french RepRap user group here), a map has been created in order to take an inventory of all the Reprapers in the world. This initiative will enable the community to share some knowledge IRL. There is already a couple of registered members but more reprapers are necessary to make the community growing up.

           You can explore the map and subscribe here: link

          Remember: This map could be really useful to meet other reprapers  during 3D printing exibition or Fablab events, please subscribe to make RepRap progress!


        Quelques membres de la section française du forum Reprap ont créé une carte du monde afin de répertorier l'intégralité des "Reprapers" disséminés dans le monde. Cette initiative va permettre à la communauté de partager du savoir IRL. Il y a déjà quelques membres inscrits mais un nombre plus important de Reprapers est necessaire pour faire grandir la communauté

          Vous pouvez accéder à la carte et vous inscrire ici: lien
          Pensez-y: Cette carte peut être très utile pour rencontrer d'autre reprapers lors d'évenements concernant l'impression 3D ou de présentations dans les FabLabs. Inscrivez-vous pour faire avancer le mouvement Reprap!